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We, at OliveWritingHub make sure that the next document you turn in has ZERO errors. Hire us for our editing and proofreading services, and free your mind of such worries.


The proofreading services at OliveWritingHub involve checking the content for all spelling, capitalization, punctuation, formatting and sentence structure.

Line Editing

Our editing team will assess the piece of work as a whole, assessing its tone, precision, clarity, reliability and overall effectiveness.


Rewriting of your content can be helpful because a third party can provide a fresh perspective and approach to your writing.


Our proofreaders can check, verify and correct the facts and figures that you might have used in your piece.

Content Refreshing

It is generally a good idea to get your document read by someone with a fresh perspective. We can give your content a new life.

SEO Copy Editing

The SEO team at OliveWritingHub ensures that your content links are up to date, and your website allows for search engine crawling.

Deliver your work  for a Rewarding Experience

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    One-stop shop for all your writing needs

    Original content, unlimited revisions, 24/7 availability are some of the main benefits we provide to our clients.
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    Our guarantees

    100% original content, on time delivery and sole ownership of the content, are some of the guarantees we offer to our clients.
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    Expert writers

    We come from various fields of writing and have specializations in a wide range of industries, ranging from marketing, to business, through IT. You name it and we have it

How it works


Document Receiving

We receive your document for which editing or proofreading is required and we start working on it immediately

Draft Review

The edited version is returned to you which highlights all the changes in the document and additional comments.


The document is reviewed immediately if any revision is required


We deliver a finalized version of the document to you which is ready for publishing

Additional  Details

We provide our customers with quality services so that their content is completely free of errors and it stands out

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    We have a team of academically qualified editors who proofread your document multiple times so that even the slightest of mistakes don’t go unattended.
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    Quick Turnaround

    Turning in content as soon as possible is one motto that OliveWritingHub swears by.
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    Expert Editors and Proofreaders

    Our team is comprised of native English editors and proofreaders that will write anything and everything for you.

Some of our content samples

We have written content for our global clients belonging to various industries. You can go through our written samples and witness the clarity and ease with which our experienced creative writers give life to the composition.